Review of “The Other Side of Magic” by Ester Manzini / Recensione di “The Other Side of Magic” di Ester Manzini

"The Other Side of Magic" is a YA fantasy novel written by Ester Manzini and published by The Parliament House on April 6, 2021. The kingdoms of Epidalio and Zafiria are at war. Their people are born with an amount of magic, indicated by a ring on their foreheads, which fades with each use of... Continue Reading →

“The Dragon Plague” release / Uscita “The Dragon Plague”

"The Dragon Plague" releases on December, 14th! The story is set in the fictional city of Europa, in Central Europe, the last city left after a nuclear war that made most of the Earth uninhabitable and woke up dragons - prehistorical creatures that caused an mass outbreak of a lethal disease that decimated the population... Continue Reading →

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